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Say "Hi" to our NDIS ready client management and rostering system - Ability

Cloud based

Cloud based and ready to go, our Australian based servers mean you dont have to worry about maintaining infrastructutre

Works everywhere you do

Our beatifully designed Ability software runs on desktops, smartphones, tablets and laptops, the choice is yours

Made with you in mind

The Ability software has been designed to give you the best user experience possible while keeping in mind all the nuances of the disability and care sector, all wrapped up in a beautiful and easy to use package

Awesome features

Our software is designed to be beautiful as well as useful, here are a few of its great features

Manage Staff information, skills, qualifications, training , leave and more
Manage client information, plans, budgets and much much more
Create rosters with ease using multiple views and communicate this information to both your staff and clients
Connects to your exisiting finance, payroll or HR system for seamless integration and flow of information
Easily make NDIS bulk claim requests from sessions that have been rostered
Use our powerul inbuilt reports or create your own

Communicate information with staff and clients via their own program specific areas

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Our philosophy

Why We Do What We Do

We believe that technology is meant to free and empower you from manual, labour intensive tasks, releasing you you to focus on doing what you do best,

we also believe that software should be a great experience to use and we work closely with all our customer to continue improving,

always striving to stay ahead of the curve and deliver smart well thought out solutions to make your day to day tasks eaiser and more effective

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We care about what we do and want to create the best possible product for you to use

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